Interactive Travel Application For The IPad & IPhone


The designed application is an interactive tool which would help travelers not only know their way around but also acquire knowledge related to a few general facts about the place that they plan to visit. This application would help the user get information of shopping destinations to attractions, food and accommodation, which would not be in a form of a suggestions or review as it is found usually in travel guide books but it would be available to them in the form of various options where they can individually judge and decide whether they should chose to visit or decide against it. The application would act as a tool of convenience for any type of traveler seeking to explore a new place; it can also be used to explore one’s  home town.
Using informative design to present text would make it quicker for the user to access the information as they are saved from the hassles of reading through every single word. Making the data interactive would be beneficial as it would add more depth to a single image and a lot more information can be added, which would be displayed in a form of a story, thus it would make it more engaging and persuasive for the user to explore.
The main aim of the project was to create a better travel experience for the users and changethe way they see and access information, and also how they experience or plan their travel, by exploring information about a particular place in a form of a visual story, and also creating an essence which would capture the attention and  interest of the user. The interactive tool aims to make travel planning simple and effective and visually captive.
To see how the app works you could have a look at the video on YouTube :

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